Sunday, September 19, 2021

Current Issue - Autumn 2021

Water Pollution and Animal Agriculture

Agriculture is the biggest source of green house gas emissions in Ireland (see Issue 2 of Vegan Sustainability Magazine) and over 90% of all...

How dangerous are Microplastics?

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles less than five millimeters (one fifth of an inch) in diameter.  They are now ubiquitous in the environment and...

Keeping Honeybees doesn’t save Bees – or the Environment

The UK is home to around 270 bee species.  Most people are familiar with the charismatic bumblebees, but the 250 species of solitary bee...

The Problem with Palm Oil

News on an Emerging Vegan World


Diet & Health

The EU moves to ban Cages for Farmed Animals

The European Citizens’ Initiative process is a fairly new innovation in the EU which was introduced in order to increase democracy and direct participation...

Theory of Mind and Play: Ape Exceptionalism is too Narrow

Many researchers in the behavioral sciences are interested in the taxonomic distribution of which nonhuman animals (animals) have a Theory of Mind (ToM). Basically, ToM "is...

Zoonotic Diseases & Antimicrobial Resistance