Monday, October 25, 2021

Current Issue - Autumn 2021

Reducing Ireland’s Beef Herd

In this article we look at why a reduction in the Irish beef herd is both necessary and practical - from a financial point...

Seaspiracy – Movie Review

The documentary 'Seaspiracy' was released in late March and since then it has remained solidly in the list of most watched films on Netflix...

From Ecosystem Services to Interdependence with Nature

From the supply of raw materials, water, food, medicines and energy, to the pollination of crops, formation of soils and protection from floods, storms...

News on an Emerging Vegan World


Diet & Health

The Ghosts in our Machine (movie review)

The Ghosts in Our Machine is one of the most striking films I have ever seen and just might be my new favourite documentary....

Book Review: The Animals’ Agenda – by Marc Bekoff

You have both written extensively on the topics of nonhuman animal welfare, ethics and science; The Animals’ Agenda is an excellent, and important addition...

Zoonotic Diseases & Antimicrobial Resistance