Dublin Vegfest 2015

The newest member of our editorial team, Tanya Scutari, chats with the organiser of Ireland’s first vegan festival, scheduled for November 1st…


vegfestIf you like festivals and you used to go abroad just to join vegan events, hold tight! Dublin will host the first vegan festival in the country’s history, an event for the celebration of vegan food and lifestyle. Is it not amazing? And this will be just the beginning of vegan events in Ireland, the organizers say. On November 1st – World Vegan Day – when vegans worldwide celebrate the cruelty free way of living, the vegan community of Ireland will get together to remember how being vegan is important to the planet, animals and health. It is the very first vegan festival in Ireland.  Don’t YOU want to be part of that? You may have heard about this Veg Fest but still have some questions.  We spoke with Pears Hussey, a member of the organizing team and the initiator of this event, and we have the answers for you.

What will it be about?

According to Pears, “the Dublin Veg Fest will be a great opportunity to help vegan culture grow in Ireland.”  Pears has a burning desire to spread the vegan lifestyle and its benefits in Ireland. More than that, he has a suitable background in organizing vegan events. You will hear several motivational speeches from great speakers. “We really want to nurture the community here”, he explains. The Vegan Society of Ireland will be a part of the event, NARA (the National Animal Rights Association), food bloggers, a yoga teacher, vegan musicians and a well-known healthy living coach. “Also, you’ll have the chance to meet Tim Barford from Veg Fest UK – probably the biggest vegan festival in Europe and maybe in the world, at this stage. It has an impact on the mainstream and vegan living is getting more widely known and appreciated”, noted Pears. “We have an amazing woman coming to talk about healthy diet – her name is Ailis Brosnan and she is an athlete. She represents Ireland on a world level and has degrees in health science. She is going to talk about health and what a vegan diet can do for you”, says the organizer.

What kind of food will I find?

“We will have healthy nutritional food at Veg Fest, but we will also have not so healthy options”, acknowledges Pears – donuts, cakes and all those “so tasty” vegan sweets. You will get a chance to taste all those crazy vegan dishes you can’t cook at home. Pears says that very often people think vegans are very healthy, but it is not always true. Well, at the fest you’ll have this amazing opportunity to taste and buy lots of healthy food such as super foods as well as the extraordinary delights of vegan cuisine.

Will I meet other vegans?

Yes, vegans and non-vegans from Ireland and abroad. “It will be a great day of food and celebration. If you’re vegan, you are going to be among other vegans in a community gathering for all Ireland. People will come from all over the country and will be in touch, people from abroad will come home on that day just to be part of it. We are going to have an event when we come out and say: 1st of November is World Vegan Day and this is happening in Ireland!” says Pears.

Will I make new friends?

It would be a shame not to! Maybe you need some inspiration or want to meet new people. Veg fest is the right place to start. “People will be able to connect to services that they may not have known about. It will be a great place to network, make new friends – we are all connected to social media platforms, but never meet in person. It is going to be a union of people who have never met”, highlights the organizer. Moreover, Pears points out that vegans’ voices will be louder. “The meat and dairy industry has an influential role in politics, the media, education and access to information. On this day, we will say who we are and we hope to break some stereotypes about vegans and show that we are an intelligent and creative community full of ideas”.

Can I come with my non-vegans friends?

According to the organizing team, all vegans and non-vegans are invited. “It is really an opportunity for everybody and if people don’t leave convinced about living vegan I am sure they are at least going to be closer – they are going to appreciate vegans more”, notes Pears. “If people have a friend or a family member that they would like to come, that will be great. It is a chance to appreciate their choice to be vegan. People will feel that they are part of an important community, they’ll make friends and it will become an important event every year”.

How to get a ticket?

The tickets will be available by the end of August. Join the event on Facebook or keep an eye on the event page for further details.

When and where?

Dublin Veg Fest will take place on Sunday, 1st of November, from 11am to 5pm, at St. Andrew’s Resource Center.

What else should I know about?

Dublin Veg Fest is organized by a handful of passionate, talented and professional people. They say they were inspired by other similar events. It will be a premiere for Dublin and you can be a part of it by joining the event as a guest or volunteer. Write to organizers at dublinvegfest@gmail.com  and let’s have craic!

Pears Hussey, organiser of Vegfest
Pears Hussey, organiser of Vegfest