Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015


Introduction to Issue 2


UN Framework Convention on Climate Changeby James O’Donovan

Agriculture: The Other Inconvenient Truthby James O’Donvan

Can Ireland meet its Energy Demand with Renewables? by James O’Donovan

Climate Scepticsby Frank Armstrong

Being Nature: Extending Civil Rights to the Natural World by Mumta Ito


Edible and Medicinal Herbsby Vivienne Campbell

The Reverse Diabetes Dietby Dr. Neal Barnard


How to make Castile Soapby Helen Prout

Vegans on Vacationby Irene Sheedy, Regimantas Lukosius and Tanya Scutari

Dublin Vegfest 2015by Tanya Scutari

Economy and Society:

The Commonsby Bronwyn Slater

The TTIP: A Threat to Democracyby Stop TTIP

Movie Reviews:

Home (Review)by Bronwyn Slater

The Economics of Happiness (Review)by Bronwyn Slater

Book Reviews:

Voluntary Simplicity (Review) by Bronwyn Slater

The World Peace Diet (Review) by Bronwyn Slater