Our Ethos

Vegan Sustainability – A Compassionate Revolution

Vegan Sustainability is a magazine rooted in a non-violent ethos that advocates love and compassion for all living beings.  We promote a sustainable lifestyle that meets our own needs without compromising the ability of other species to meet their needs for present and future generations.pig

The production of animal foods is the single greatest threat to human society and to all species on the planet, and the environment.  It is the main cause of biodiversity loss, deforestation, climate change, nutrient loading, and human illness.

Vegan Sustainability is a conversation from many voices that explores questions like:

  • What does it take to create a society that lives in harmony with other species?
  • How can we contribute to communities that live within the limits of their bioregion?
  • What human values provide the psychological foundations for a sustainable culture?
  • How much ‘stuff’ is enough?
  • What purposes are healthy for people to use to guide their lives?
  • What traditions can be embraced for a sustainable future?
  • How can we make more skilfull choices for ourselves and our families?

Vegan Sustainability Magazine has a solutions-oriented, positive, and compassionate outlook while not being afraid to shine a light on the causes of the current global biodiversity crisis.  We present scientific research, practices, policy, and stories to inspire a life rooted in compassion, kindness, joy and peacefulness.  We will outline some of the limitations of our current personal and social choices and highlight ways of living that create more vibrant individual lives and create societies that are in harmony with nature.  We outline a positive vision that awakens our innate drive to fulfil our human potential showing practical examples of what people are actually doing right now that works and is sustainable.

animalVegan Sustainability Magazine will act as a reminder of the joy in vegan sustainable living.  Our passion – for animals, the planet, and health is vibrant and – believe it or not – it is catching.  So we will continue to use this space to share our recipes, and our food, our stories and our experiences.  We share our happiness in living a life that is true to our values.  And our families and friends and society won’t just appreciate our attitude they’ll be inspired, changed, and even awakened by it.