Homemade Dried Hot Peppers or Paprika Spice

Recipe by Cassy Martensen

Making your own organic raw quality dehydrated hot pepper is best!  It’s so much more flavourful and it even has a sweet taste to it. Very easy to make and you can also apply this method to sweet capsicum and make your own paprika powder.


  • 3-5 hot peppers


  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Baking paper
  • Dehydrator (alternatively an oven)
  • Coffee grinder


  1. Chop the hot peppers, you can leave the seeds – they just make it a little more spicy.
  2. Put baking paper on a baking tray and spread the chopped hot peppers.
  3. Dehydrate for about 15-20 hours or until dry at 46°C or 115°F (or at the lowest temperature if you are using an oven; check them frequently so that they don’t burn!).
  4. When ready grind in a coffee grinder.