Introduction to Issue 1

A Compassionate Revolution

What does it take to create a harmonious society?  How can we contribute to communities that live within the limits of their bioregion?  How do we learn to meet our own needs without compromising the needs for future generations to meet theirs?

What human values do we need to develop to create the psychological foundations for a sustainable culture.  How much stuff is enough?   What are people for?

What practices and ways of living have we lost that we can learn from to set ourselves in a good direction in the future?  How do we foster a clearer understanding of the issues involved so that we can make more well informed choices for ourselves and our families?

Vegan Sustainability is a conversation from many voices around these and similar questions.  We will present views on sustainability that are rooted in an ethical framework that asserts that all sentient beings have a right to live their lives free from violence and domination.   We will present practices and stories to inspire a life rooted in compassion, kindness, joy and peacefulness.  We outline some of the limitations of our current personal and social choices and highlight ways of living that create more vibrant individual lives and create societies that are in harmony with nature.

Our first issue includes articles on issues ranging from the pleasures of slow travel, to home made soaps, recipes for home cooking, and the health giving properties of plant based wholefoods.

We hope that you enjoy the magazine and would welcome any comments or suggestions on how to improve the magazine in the future.