Introduction to Issue 3

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first Winter Edition of our magazine.

A lot has been happening here in Ireland since the publication of our last issue.   World Vegan Month got off to a great start with Ireland’s first vegan festival in Dublin which was a great success and had a huge attendance.  This was followed by Eden’s nationwide ‘Go Vegan’ ad campaign, with posters on billboards, buses, bus shelters and other public places all around the country encouraging people to go vegan.  The campaign, which ran for the entire month of November, attracted a huge amount of interest from the media and the public alike.  You can read an in-depth interview with the campaign’s director, Sandra Higgins, on page 6.

Our editorial team is expanding, and we were very pleased to welcome Trent Grassian on board last October.  Trent is conducting research for a PhD at the University of Kent, focusing on strategies for reducing animal product consumption in the EU.  You can read his article discussing the reasons for going vegan on page 4.  We were also delighted to receive an article from Jordan Collins of Vegan Publishers which you can read on page 13.  Readership of our magazine is increasing all the time and it is very much our aim to feature more articles from the international community.

Two themes feature strongly in this issue.  With the holiday season approaching we have naturally included many seasonal articles – these include Christmas recipes, ideas for sustainable gifts, and tips for dealing with non-vegan family and friends over the holidays.  Another theme which we focus on is Vegan Organic Growing.  We have reviews of DVDs from the Vegan Organic Network, an article on the dangers of pesticides, and an article on the experiences of a vegan grower who describes herself as a ‘beginner’.  We hope to have a regular column on this topic in the future.

We also have articles on energy conservation, raw diets, healthy living, the digital commons, transition towns, and much more.

This holiday season we remind ourselves of the joy in vegan living.  “Our passion – for animals, the planet, health is vibrant – and, believe it or not, catching.  So let’s share.  Share our recipes and our food, our stories and our experiences.  Share our happiness in living a life that is true to our values.  And our family and friends won’t just appreciate our attitude”, they’ll be inspired and even awakened by it.

Enjoy your reading, and we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday Season and a Peaceful and Sustainable New Year.