Introduction to Issue 4

Welcome to the Spring 2016 Edition of Vegan Sustainability Magazine.

In this issue we explore different aspects of what can be called Practical Wisdom. Practical wisdom consists of ethical understanding, ethical skilfulness, and ethical will. Ethical understanding is to see the difference between what is right and wrong, what is wheat and what is chaff. Ethical skilfulness is the capacity to make the best or most skilful choice even if it is just for ice cream. Ethical Will is having the strength of will to choose and implement the right action even if it goes against mainstream cultural choices. Skilful choices tend to increase harmony within ourselves, in society, and nature. Unskilful choices have harmful effects from stress to pollution. Practical wisdom allows us to live with awareness in harmony with all living beings.

Practical Wisdom is a skill that can be developed by life long education, by deep experience, and by deep questioning. Life long education asks, How am I to live my life? It deepens our awareness and understanding. It explores the cause and effect relation-ships of different choices. Deep experience can arise in a moment like when you connect with a farm animal as another sentient being and you feel inside that mistreating any living being is wrong. Deep questioning asks what is going on in our society, what choices bring suffering and what choices bring well being. Deep experiences motivate us to overcome the inertia of personal and social habits and choose a life grounded in an intelligent compassionate ethics.

When we clarify the emotions that motivate our choices then we choose for generosity, compassion and selflessness. We engage with radically generous acts that transform ourselves and the world. We understand that all wealth comes from healthy communities and healthy ecosystems and that money is just a means not an end. As we make choices to do the right thing we will begin the transition from scarcity to abun-dance, from consumption to contribution, from isolation to compassionate community.

From the Team at Vegan Sustainability Magazine