Introduction to Issue 5

Welcome to the Summer 2016 Edition of Vegan Sustainability Magazine.

It is very encouraging to see that the vegan movement is beginning to go mainstream, at least according to new research commissioned by the UK Vegan Society. The Ipsos Mori study found that there are 542,000 vegans in Britain – up from 150,000 in 2006. “This is an increase of more than 350% over the decade. Another estimated 500,000 vegetarians are considering going vegan.”

People are starting to realise that choosing vegan is the healthy, enjoyable and life-affirming way to go. But there is still a lot of advocacy and educational work to be done. In this issue we explore different approaches in advocacy and we also look at how     technology can be used as an educational tool for veganism.

Sustainability and human freedom are closely related. Freedom is dependent on seeing clearly and acting on that clear seeing, rather than ignoring or pushing aside things that we would rather not deal with. We know animals have feelings and consciousness. We care about animals. We don’t need to eat animal foods. So, as Emine Saner, writing in
The Guardian, suggests: “The implication is that anyone who believes in reason and rationality, when faced with the evidence – on animal welfare, environmental impact and human health – should become vegan.”

We hope you enjoy the latest issue, which also includes some stunning recipes, book, film and festival reviews.