The Naturally Vegan Plot

Elaine Avery tells us about an exciting new vegan organic project in the Devon/Cornwall area which is currently appealing for funds.


The Naturally Vegan Plot is a volunteer run initiative having evolved from more than 40 years combined experience, research, demonstration, and information sharing.

We are dedicated to low impact vegan organic land management and are a vegan community and fundraising events organiser.

Deeply inspired and influenced by dear friends, vegan pioneers, veganic gardeners and teachers Kern Fern (founder of Plants For A Future) and Kathleen Jannaway (former secretary of The Vegan Society and founder of The Movement For Compassionate Living) we remain devoted vegan organic gardeners and we have been fortunate to gather vast experience and accumulate a lot of knowledge along the way, designing, implementing and managing many plots ranging from small container gardens to 84 acres.

In brief, our history has included a succession of rented and borrowed land and the reality that this is not sustainable … It’s time for us to put down roots!

We, the Naturally Vegan Plot, like any garden allowed to do so are growing organically and we have aspirations … greener dreams!

The realisation of these ambitions requires an area of land which will be dedicated to the principles of least harm and the techniques of natural cultivation we have come to strive for, endorse and embrace.

Such a plot will be designed, implemented and managed with our best intentions to the high standards of low impact vegan organic principles… with the potential to become a centre for research, demonstration, information, education and practical application of Veganic Horticulture, woodland gardening, low impact land management initiatives, vegan permaculture and sustainable land use, using methods of production that work in harmony with and closely emulate natural perennial planting systems, and create a holistic and harmonious environment which is inviting, welcoming and sustaining to wildlife whilst excluding the ‘use’ of any animals and animal derived products as far as possible and practicable.

The next stage in our evolution is to raise funds to buy land which will be managed veganically for the long term with the necessary security to remain so.

Meantime, we manage a few small allotments and carry out some garden maintenance work locally, whilst we continue to organise local vegan events which are funded through donations and product sales such as badges, bric a brac, related reading materials, whole foods and produce; all monies are ploughed back into the furtherance of our work.

Our aims are to develop large areas of woodland gardens, WetSystems, a natural swimming pool, edible ponds and bog gardens, demonstration gardens, consultations, market garden and produce sales, and a plant nursery encompassing mail order plant sales.

Our objectives are to involve people and share the experience wherever possible, provide an information resource, to publish and network, and to host courses, workshops, field trips, volunteer opportunities, open days, tours and presentations to the wider community.

Our Facebook page will continue to follow the progress of Naturally Vegan and our search for The Plot.  We gratefully accept any donations.

You can donate to our Crowdfunder here


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