Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Welcome to Issue 8 of Vegan Sustainability!


fotoappleMoving to a Vegan Agriculture System for Australia by Greg McFarlane


What Happens to our Waste? by Bronwyn Slater


deoderantNatural and Homemade Personal Care and Cleaning Productsby Bronwyn Slater


Vegan Sustainability in the Newsby Bronwyn Slaterpeta


Animal Agriculture, Hunger and How to Feed a Growing Global Population – by Richard Oppenlander

Animal Advocacy:

Matthieu Ricard

The Kimmela Centre for Animal Advocacy James O’Donovan (ed.)

On Keeping a Vegan or a Vegetarian Dietby Matthieu Ricard

Animals Love Baby Mother Chimpanzee Animal

The Nonhuman Rights Project

drgregerDiet & Health:

Diet and Climate Change: Cooking up a Stormby Dr. Michael Greger

Book Reviews:

bookThe Vegan Book of Permaculture (by Graham Burnett)review by Bronwyn Slater

How Not to Dieby Michael Greger MD

Food Choice and Sustainabilityby Richard Oppenlander

Animal Sentience:

roosterhenThe World According to Intelligent and Emotional Chickensby Marc Bekoff

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