Winter 2016

Winter 2016

Welcome to Issue 7 of Vegan Sustainability!


Alternatives to Animal Agriculture – by James O’Donovan

If the Ocean Dies, We All Die – by Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

Animal Agriculture, Hunger and how to feed a Growing Global Population – by Richard Oppenlander


Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Living off your own garden for beginners – by Joe Thomas

Home-made Cleaning Products and Toiletries

The Happy Planet Index 2016 – by James O’Donovan


Vegan Sustainability in the News

Reclaiming the Word ‘Sustainability’ – by Jeanette di Leo

Vegan Advocacy:

Least Favourite Questions as a Vegan (Part 2) – by Trent Grassian

Diet & Health:

Whole Plant Foods are Powerful Tools for Health – by PCRM

Book Review:

‘Comfortably Unaware’ – by Richard Oppenlander

Animal Sentience:

Theory of Mind and Play – Ape Exceptionalism is too Narrow – by Marc Bekoff