Monday, June 5, 2023

Current Issue - Summer 2023

Vegan Diet Reduces Land Use by 75%

If the world adopted a plant-based diet we would reduce global agricultural land use from 4 billion to 1 billion hectares. If everyone shifted to...

Fish Consumption is decimating Ocean Wildlife

Two recent global studies give a clear indication how the fishing industry is massively reducing biodiversity and undermining the health of ocean ecosystems. The first...

Deforestation and Reforestation

You may recall a pledge, made by world leaders at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November 2021, to halt and reverse global...

News on an Emerging Vegan World


Diet & Health

The Exotic Pet-Sized Hole in Irish Legislation

The complete lack of any regulation of the exotic pet trade is a major concern and oversight which impacts not only the animals themselves,...

A Plea for Animals: Marc Bekoff interviews Matthieu Ricard

This new book is one of the best in asking us to treat animals with compassion. Animals are "in." There is incredible global interest in the cognitive, emotional,...

Zoonotic Diseases & Antimicrobial Resistance