Saturday, May 21, 2022

Current Issue - Spring 2022

EU continues with massive supports for Animal Agriculture

This month, the European Court of Auditors, the EU spending watchdog, pointed out that just from 2014 – 2020 over €100bn of CAP funds,...

European Parliament approves budget to continue the destruction of nature at sea

On July 6th, 2021, the European Parliament gave its final approval on the next European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF).  The EMFAF decides how a...

Sadhana Forest: a vegan, ecological reforestation project in India

Our energy and resources are focused on the creation of a vibrant, indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF). The main aim of this ecological...

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Diet & Health

The Exotic Pet-Sized Hole in Irish Legislation

The complete lack of any regulation of the exotic pet trade is a major concern and oversight which impacts not only the animals themselves,...

The Cetacean Brain and Hominid Perceptions of Cetacean Intelligence

The human species may not be the paragon of animals as Hamlet so eloquently described to us. There is another group of species on...

Zoonotic Diseases & Antimicrobial Resistance