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A selection of links on the many harms of Regenerative / Holistic Grazing and Grass-fed Beef

Regenerative Grazing

The myth of regenerative ranching

Regenerative grazing, not as sustainable as we think

A Call to Counter the False Solution of Regenerative Grazing…/

Alan Savory gives a popular and very misleading TED talk…/alan-savory-gives-a…/

All Sizzle and No Steak: Allan Savory’s TED talk is wrong, and the benefits of holistic grazing have been debunked.…/allan-savorys-ted-talk-is-wrong-and…

Allan Savory’s Holistic Management Theory Falls Short on Science…/allan-savory-says-more…

Another Industry Attempt to Greenwash Beef…

Can Eating Cows Save the Planet?

Can Regenerative Cattle Grazing Reverse Global Warming? (video)

Comments on Allan Savory’s Proposed Application of “Holistic Management” to Grasslands, Including Desert Grasslands, for the Purpose of Increasing Sequestration of Atmospheric Carbon

Despite Rebranding, Cows Can’t Save the Climate

Eat more meat and save the world: the latest implausible farming miracle (George Monbiot)…/eat-more-meat-and-save…

Hart Mountain study (archived)
Vegan-oriented talk by PhD William Ripple on the study (exact time stamp):
Field Video on the Rewilding of Hart Mountain
Rewilding A Mountain (award-winning documentary on the project)

Holistic Grazing Myths

Holistic Management: Misinformation on the Science of Grazed Ecosystems

Holistic management – a critical review of Allan Savory’s grazing method (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)…/doku…/holisticmanagement_review.pdf

Is “regenerative grazing” the new “clean coal”?…/is-regenerative-grazing…/

It’s time to debunk Allan Savory’s literal BS

Lots of hot air in Savory supporter’s climate change arguments…/lots-of-hot-air-in-savory…/

No, ‘regenerative ranching’ is not good for grassland birds (commentary)…/no-regenerative-ranching…/

OPINION: Is Documentary ‘Kiss The Ground’ Just A Last Ditch Effort To Keep Meat Relevant?…/kiss-the-earth-last-ditch…/

Regenerative Grazing: The “Clean Coal” of Beef (Impossible Foods)

Regenerative Grazing Debunked (Mic The Vegan)

Regenerative Ranching Debunked: A YouTube video series…

Research Undermines Claims That Soil Carbon Can Offset Livestock Emissions

Saving the World With Livestock? The Allan Savory Approach Examined…/saving-the-world-with…/

What 30 Years of Study Tell Us About Grazing and Carbon Sequestration…/what-30-years-of-study-tell-us…

Grass-Fed Beef

Is grass-fed beef good or bad for the climate? (University of Oxford)…/2017-10-03-grass-fed-beef-good-or…

How Grass-Fed Beef Is Duping Consumers, Again…/

Pasture-fed meat isn’t green…/pasture-fed-meat-isn%E2…

Sorry, Meat Lovers – Another Study Shows That Eating Grass-Fed Beef Isn’t Helping the Planet

Why eating grass-fed beef isn’t going to help fight climate change…sentientmedia.orgHow Grass-Fed Beef Is Duping Consumers, AgainMeat producers are trying to trick the rapidly growing sector of eco-c

How grass-fed beef is duping consumers, again


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