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Insights from The Food Revolution Summit

The world is changing fast with disruptions of food, commerce and social connection altering our lives in profound ways. This global pandemic makes one thing abundantly clear: Your health needs to be a priority. Not just someday, but right now.  Among the major risk factors for infections of all kinds, including coronaviruses, are obesity, heart disease, asthma, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. The modern diet is a recipe for the very conditions that make you vulnerable!

The Food Revolution Summit takes place every year in late April and early May where twenty five of the leading plant based health professionals are interviewed about the key insights they have gathered in their life’s work.  This year over 300,000 people participated in the free online event.  Each interview is hosted by Ocean Robbins and personally conducted by best-selling author and food movement leader, John Robbins.  John’s best-selling books about food and health have sold more than 2 million copies, and he knows how to engage each presenter in a totally unique and special way. The summit provides the most up-to-date research and information about food, nutrition, disease prevention, immune health, and environmental stewardship.

The speakers at the summit are listed below.

Matt McCarthy, MD – Health and Love in the Time of COVID-19
Michael Greger, MD, FACLM – The Best Foods for a Lean Body & a Healthy Life
Christiane Northrup, MD – Medicine for Your Body, Heart, and Soul
Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, MD – The Alzheimer’s Solution
Michael Klaper, MD – Food, Health, and the Coronavirus
Daniel Amen, MD – The End of Mental Illness
Neal Barnard, MD – The New Science of Food, Hormones, and Health
Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD – The Neuroscience of Sustainable Weight Loss
Chris Wark – How to Eat to Beat Cancer

Aysha Akhtar, MD – Why Loving Animals Is Good for Your Health
Zach Bush, MD – It All Starts in Your Gut
Kristi Funk, MD – The Ultimate Cancer-Kicking Diet
David Katz, MD – Prescription for a Healthier Planet
Marco Borges – Making Healthy Eating Irresistible
Vandana Shiva, PhD – Our Food and Our Future
Anthony William – Cleanse to Heal
Brenda Davis, RD – How to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes
Joel Fuhrman, MD – Eat for Life
Brooke Goldner, MD – Goodbye Autoimmune Disease
Jonathan Safran Foer – Saving the World Begins at Breakfast
David Perlmutter, MD – Best Foods to Boost Your Brain
Saray Stancic, MD – The Autoimmunity Breakthrough
Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, DO, MPH – Raising Healthy Children and Families
Linda Carney, MD – The Keys to Hormonal Balance

This year I managed to listen to all the interviews and you can even pause and rewind when you want to note down a research paper’s findings or an insight that resonated.  After the summit I felt I had gained so much valuable information that I could apply to fine tune my daily routine.  Listening to the interviewees it was clear that service to others and the planet is also a necessary part of a meaningful joyful life.  All of the participants have their own websites where you can listen to their talks or check out their published scientific papers or their most recent books. 

Since you will have to wait until next year for the next Food Revolution Summit the next best thing you can do is check out the Food Revolution Website and keep up to date with the work of these two seriously well informed Healthy-living, Healthy-planet ambassadors, John and Ocean Robbins.


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