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Go Vegan for the Animals

This article looks at the extreme cruelty and suffering endured by farmed animals during their short lives. There is no such thing as humane slaughter, and animals do suffer during the slaughter process.

Go Vegan to reduce Pandemics

Most of the viruses that are endemic in the human population originated from animals and our use of them. Factory farms are breeding grounds for new viruses and bacteria. COVID-19 may only be the first of many pandemics to come.

Go Vegan for the Planet and for Climate Change

The Earth is a finite system. It has boundaries and limits which must not be exceeded. Our planet’s ability to provide an accommodating environment for humanity is being challenged by our own activities. Going vegan is the single most powerful action you can take in order to limit your climate and environmental footprint.

Go Vegan for the Oceans

Keep fish in the sea, and off our plates. Fish should not be seen as a ‘lower emissions’ alternative to meat. Industrial fishing and fish farms are doing irreparable damage to our oceans and fish populations are being decimated.

Go Vegan to Reduce Hunger

What we in the developed world eat has an impact on hunger in the developing world. Dr. Richard Oppenlander shows that the problem is a complex one with many contributing factors.

Go Vegan for Biodiversity

The WWF’s Living Planet Report 2020 reveals population sizes of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles have fallen an average of 68 per cent globally since 1970 – more than two thirds in less than 50 years.

Go Vegan to reduce anti-microbial resistance

80% of all antibiotics in the US are given to animals, to prevent infections spreading in intensive factory farms. Bacteria can become resistant to drugs as a result of their overuse in animals. We could soon reach a point where antibiotics are no longer effective in humans.

Go Vegan to reduce worker exploitation

Most people do not realise that worker exploitation and even modern slavery are involved in the production of their food.

Go Vegan for your health

Vegans have been found to have lower levels of cholesterol and lower blood pressure. A whole foods plant based diet is extremely beneficial for human health, and can also help to prevent cancer and diabetes.

Guide to going vegan

Going vegan has never been easier. There are now vegan versions of every type of food you have been accustomed to. A whole foods plant-based diet is one of the healthiest diets you can eat. Veganism is not just a diet – it’s a lifestyle. This article talks you through the basics.